We are happy to announce that BFAA delivered 60+ licensing exams for the Investment Advisor qualification to SEB Estonia, Danske Bank Estonia and Swedbank Lithuania in December. The candidates were well-prepared and the majority passed the exam successfully.

  1. In autumn we distributed and published the BFAA Syllabus for 5 licences. The Syllabus is compliant with the MiFID II or IDD staff competency requirements and is available on our websites.
  2. MiFID Workbooks for License Candidates are ready in Estonia and in Latvia and are being reviewed in Lithuania. IDD workbooks are yet in the process of review and publishing.
  3. We also delivered the MiFID-compliant mock tests to the affiliated companies. These help the Candidates prepare for exams.
  4. Our Licence Candidates will study and sit exams in an e-learning site Coursy where BFAA customized features have been developed over the past six months.

More news

  1. Danske Bank in Estonia and Latvia and Norvik Banka in Latvia joined the BFAA in November.
  2. CEO of BFAA Marge Tooming has presented the MiFID II requirements and the respective BFAA services on 07.09 in Riga and on 17.10 in Vilnius at the MiFID II Conference organized by Everise Labs.
  3. Marge shared our experience of building the BFAA on 22.09 at “The Risk Management in Practice”, a conference organized by the Banking University in Riga.
  4. Riga Business School started courses for ACAMS and CISI accreditation. The courses are held in English and the graduates will be certified by respective organizations.

The European Money Quiz will take place for the first time for 2018 as a European-wide competition to improve the financial literacy of children at the age of 13 to 15 years old. BFAA will promote and contribute in improving the financial literacy.