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The BFAA Syllabus contains the proficiency requirements for all BFAA licenses. The Syllabus was created by the BFAA Review Board, a group of Subject Matter Experts in Investments, Insurance and Law, and approved by the BFAA Management Board.

The two BFAA licenses are compliant to MiFID II/ESMA: Investment Advisor (IA) and Investment Information Provider (IIP).

And three licenses are compliant to IDD: Life Insurance Advisor (LIA), Non-Life Insurance Advisor (NLIA) and Investment Insurance Advisor (IIA).

Here is the summary  of MiFID II / ESMA and IDD Guidelines on Proficiency Requirements.

The affiliated companies and their employees who pass the licensing exams of the BFAA are required to comply with the Code of Ethics of the BFAA at all times.

BFAA aims candidates to have every opportunity to succeed fairly in an environment of minimum disruption, and with their allotted examination time being fully available to them to complete their examination.

There are five workbooks available. If you are considering taking the BFAA exams, please note that you will be granted with the access to the books and the mock tests in the BFAA Licensing Portal.